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1992 BS in Psychology (honors), University of Texas at Austin
1998 PhD in Counseling Psychology, Colorado State University
1999 Psychology intern, Honolulu VA
2000 Forensic post-doc fellow, St Elizabeths Hospital, Washington DC
2001 Staff psychologist, New Jersey Maximum Security State Prison
2004 Forenisc Coordinator, State of Hawaii Adult Mental Health Division
2006-present Chief of Forensic Services, State of Hawaii AMHD
2004-present Instructor, University of Hawaii at Manoa

2006-present State rep, National Assn of State Mental Health Program Directors (forensic division)
2007-present Vice chair, Mental Health Transformation Grant Criminal Justice Task Force
2010-present Board member, Hawaii Psychological Association
2010-present American Psychology-Law Society Dissertation Review Committee Member

The facts about Conditional Release in Hawaii

A cou­ple of recent Star Advertiser pieces were quite crit­i­cal of the Conditional Release sys­tem in Hawaii. They high­lighted a recent CR case that was excep­tion­ally tragic, and also high­lighted another tragic event pur­suant to some­one released from the Hawaii State Hospital after a find­ing of unre­stor­a­bil­ity and a period of civil com­mit­ment. Unfortunately the […]