Purpose of our forensic psychology blog

Since I am daily consulting on cases, preparing to testify in hearings, and deeply involved in the psychology/law literature, I thought this blog might an interesting forum for information exchange, questions, and points of interest in the local professional psychology community. I plan to invite participants, post daily musings about points of psychology-law interest, as well as citations from the professional literature. I hope to create dialogue and serve as an information source for practitioners who daily encounter psycho-legal issues in their practice.  I know little about blogs so I will have to grow into it. I think it could be a lot of fun and an additional resource for Hawaii psychology.


Rules for the blog: Content of the blog will be monitored, since it is my desire to create a civil forum for dialogue and information exchange. Controversies are OK but not attack on persons. It is not a good idea to share detailed information about current legal cases. Questions, inquiries, and responses are encouraged. Please respect both the rules and spirit of law and ethics in posting information about persons. We have tried to create an accessible and user friendly interface. The blog is hosted and managed by my friend and colleague, Greg Turnbull. Both an attorney and licensed psychologist, Greg is tech savvy and has similar interests in developments in law and psychology that might be of interest to Hawaii psychologists. So! Welcome aboard!  Marvin

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