Graduate Psychology Education in Hawaii and Elsewhere

Another piece of our 2010 HPA presentation on training and workforce issues in professional psychology concerned how well local training programs are preparing graduates for two career hurdles: internship selection and the passing the Examination for Professional Practice in Hawaii (EPPP).  I’ll present the numbers in two separate posts and let everyone give them their own spin.

Here are the internship matches for Hawaii programs over the past few years–0btained at the APPIC website:

The 10 year average is 73.7 matched.

                Argosy University/Honolulu
YEAR            #       Matched Not Matched     Withdrawn       
2010            34      67.6%           23.5%           8.8%
2009            30      63.3%           36.7%           0.0%
                        UH Manoa
2010            12      75%             8.3%            16.7%
2009            7       42.9%           57.1%           0.0%

Remember from the last post that the whole match system appears to be in crisis (not my words) with failure to match between 1 and 4 and 1 in 5 with around 3,500 internship applicants per year. Either there are too many students seeking available internships or there are too few internships for students (oversupply of students or undersupply of internships?).


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