Psychology and the Human Condition III (last)

So what does psychology contribute to our understanding of the human condition? What does psychology contribute to our understanding of solutions to human problems?  Better, how does psychology address your understanding of the human situation? Very little I fear.  I often use the term “human predicament,” but this carries the critical supposition that there is something wrong. The idea that there is something wrong, of course, is the basis for most all religious understandings of the human situation.  All religions have in common an understanding of the human predicament; in theology, soteriology embeds the ideas of the predicament and its resolution. There are of course secular and political understandings of the human predicament and the solution (Marxism is one solution, liberal American political theory embedded in the Declaration  of Independence and Constituion is another). How does psychology conceptualize this issue? Psychology for the most part has aligned itself with liberal democratric understandings focused on social and economic justice. How one defines the problem obviously defines the solution.



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