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As the date of my last post will attest, I have been negligent in putting up new stuff. I have signed off the HPA listserv. It is not a suitable forum in any case, people seem to be initimidated about expressing their opinions in public, political sensibilities get offended, and posting on the listserve diverts from this forum. I hope that we can develop the blog in the way that a blog is supposed to work, that is, I put up content and people comment. If you are afraid to express your views in public, I gues you can use an avatar. I hope some of the comments are substantive. I do not need people to agree with me. I am interested in developing discussion.

Currently, my cup runneth over with forensic topics: I am revising my new column for the Journal of Personality Assessment (The Forensic Clinican’s Toolbox) focusing on forensic assessment instruments (FAIs) used in regular practice (current focus is competency to stand trial, malingering is next), revising a manuscript on operationalizing assessment procedures for child custody evaluations, getting a paper together with my student, Kristen Fuger, on quality of forensic criminal responsibility reports (her dissertation–quality of reports is very poor), while managing a plate full of forensic cases and a fulltime clinical practice. Topics of current interest include DSM5 developments for PTSD, child sexual abuse disclosure, and the use of the ACS as an extension of the WAIS-IV and WMS-IV (this is a very exciting new tool). Yesterday’s New York Times Book Review reviews an awesome new contribution based on the work of sexologist Meredith Chivers (she’s the one who does plethysmograph work on men and women) on why men like porn and women like romance novels (Sex, Lies, and Data Mining, review of A Billion Wicked Thoughts: What the World’s Largest Experiement Reveals About Human Desire). Great stuff!

So I will try to stay more disciplined on getting the stuff up.


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