Daily Archives: August 15, 2011

Assessment Psychology: A fast evolving discipline and speciality.

The application of psychological and neuropsychological testing to human problems is a science-based discipline which has exploded with the development of new knowledge, tools, techniques, and skills. Recognizing these developments, the American Psychological Association recognizes three levels of competence in professional psychology: generalist, proficiency, and specialty. Generalist training would be consistent with a doctorate and […]

Is your psychological assessment specialist qualified?

Typically, assessment problems are high stakes situations, involving some critical life issue. Although many psychologists offer assessment services, most do not obtain advanced post-doctoral training in assessment psychology. Those who have achieved advanced skill will be recognized by documented recognition. This would include board-certification by the American Board of Professional Psychology, American Board of Assessment […]

Lay Judgements About Child Custody After Divorce

Sanford L. Braver and his associates have done it again. A psychologist at Arizona State University, he seems to be doing the most cutting edge and controversial divorce research today. He has been villified by certain factions in the divorce wars. Wonder what his newest research will provoke? In this study, Braver, et al, examined […]