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Disclosure, denial, delay, recantation, and confirmation in CSA

Despite several years of high quality research in CSA, courts continue to hear that patterns of disclosure, denial, delay, and recantation are (or are not) dispositive of CSA. In their review of these issues in a recent special issue of Memory, London, Ceci, Wright, and Ceci (2008) draw the following conclusions: “We have argued that, […]

Psychological Experts in CSA Trials

Back in September 2011, I mused about how helpful psychological experts are in CSA trials. Testimony will inevitably have to address developments in several areas, including patterns of disclosure, memory, suggestibility, quality of forensic interviews, and error rates of CSA decision-making, highly technical stuff. The work of Bruck and Ceci has remained authoritative for almost […]

The new Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychology (APA, 2011)

The new SGFP have been finalized by APLS (Div. 41 of APA). The Guidelines are available at the following link The SGFP provide guidance and standards of practice for forensic psychologists. They are worth careful study for the practitioner wishing to do sound and ethical, i.e., high quality, forensic work. The SGFP define the scope […]

Forensic Clinician’s Toolbox I — CST Instruments published in Journal of Personality Assessment

My recent review in JPA got a nice boost from Ken Pope and Karen Franklin. Many thanks. A PDF copy of the article is available online.