About HFP

Participation in the blog is not limited to psychologists. We are interested in creating a forum for all MHPs, even attorneys, who are interested in forensic issues: both hard core and the softer issues, like subpoenas, ethics issues, etc. Posts and comments are tracked dynamically on the home page, with most recent posts on top.  Additional, static pages (like this one) will contain instructions, links and other materials for permanent reference.

Rules for the blog: Content of the blog will be monitored, since it is our desire to create a civil forum for dialogue and information exchange. Controversies are OK, but not ad hominem attacks. Obviously (??) it is not a good idea to share detailed information about current legal cases. Otherwise, questions, inquiries, and responses are encouraged. Please respect both the rules and spirit of laws and ethics when posting information about actual persons.

We have tried to create an accessible and user friendly interface. The blog is hosted and managed by Greg Turnbull. Please contact him for technical matters. Otherwise contact the individual authors about the content of posts.