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From Listserv to Blog

As the date of my last post will attest, I have been negligent in putting up new stuff. I have signed off the HPA listserv. It is not a suitable forum in any case, people seem to be initimidated about expressing their opinions in public, political sensibilities get offended, and posting on the listserve diverts […]

Open access

Participation in the blog is not limited to psychologists. We are interested in creating a forum for all MHPs, even attorneys, who are interested in forensic issues: both hard core and the softer issues, like subpoenas, ethics issues, etc. 

Purpose of our forensic psychology blog

Since I am daily consulting on cases, preparing to testify in hearings, and deeply involved in the psychology/law literature, I thought this blog might an interesting forum for information exchange, questions, and points of interest in the local professional psychology community. I plan to invite participants, post daily musings about points of psychology-law interest, as […]