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Hawaii – Pacific Assessment Clinic, Honolulu, Hawaii

Marvin W. Acklin, PhD PC is the site of the Hawaii – Pacific Assessment Clinic. The clinic is directed by Dr. Acklin with his staff of trained psychological assistants. The clinic provides a broad range of assessment consultation for children, adolescents, and adults, for clinical, administrative, and forensic purposes. Dr. Acklin is board-certified in clinical, […]

Proper and Improper Uses of Therapists in Child Custody and Access Disputes

The Family Court and attorneys regularly assign community therapists to provide information concerning a child’s visitation. Apparently judges and attorneys think that is what therapists are there for. These assignments usually involve reimbursement by a third party payor (i.e., health insurance). This practice blurs the lines between clinical and forensic roles, often involves therapists who […]

Lay Judgements About Child Custody After Divorce

Sanford L. Braver and his associates have done it again. A psychologist at Arizona State University, he seems to be doing the most cutting edge and controversial divorce research today. He has been villified by certain factions in the divorce wars. Wonder what his newest research will provoke? In this study, Braver, et al, examined […]

Psychology and the Human Condition

Does psychology address the human condition?  A recent post of the American Psychology-Law Society listserve noted the limitations of psychology education in undestanding foundational issues in the law, e.g., criminal responsibility.  I responded in part as follows: Few psychologists have studied cultural history, philosophy, or ethics that serve as a foundation for understanding concepts of […]

The Judge’s Dilemma—Management of Domestic Violence Claims in Family Court (corrected)

Domestic violence advocates are dissatisfied with Family Court management of custody cases, asserting that Family Court judges “marginalize or throw out” domestic violence claims. Others argue that false or one-sided claims of domestic violence are used to gain the upper hand in custody disputes. Domestic violence (DV) is a real and pervasive problem and the […]

Assessing Parental Risk in Child Custody Cases Involving Internet Sexual Behavior

Abstract: One type of claim in parenting assessment (child custody)1 cases is that one parent, typically the father, is alleged to be engaging in improper or compulsive sexual behavior via the Internet. The sexual behavior at issue can range from frequent sexually explicit chats with other adults to compulsive viewing of adult pornography. In more […]