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Clinical Report: Identification and Evaluation of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

This superb article sums up the information comprehensively. Available at the American Academy of Pediatrics website in pdf.

Assessment Psychology: A fast evolving discipline and speciality.

The application of psychological and neuropsychological testing to human problems is a science-based discipline which has exploded with the development of new knowledge, tools, techniques, and skills. Recognizing these developments, the American Psychological Association recognizes three levels of competence in professional psychology: generalist, proficiency, and specialty. Generalist training would be consistent with a doctorate and […]

Is your psychological assessment specialist qualified?

Typically, assessment problems are high stakes situations, involving some critical life issue. Although many psychologists offer assessment services, most do not obtain advanced post-doctoral training in assessment psychology. Those who have achieved advanced skill will be recognized by documented recognition. This would include board-certification by the American Board of Professional Psychology, American Board of Assessment […]

From Listserv to Blog

As the date of my last post will attest, I have been negligent in putting up new stuff. I have signed off the HPA listserv. It is not a suitable forum in any case, people seem to be initimidated about expressing their opinions in public, political sensibilities get offended, and posting on the listserve diverts […]

Gender Issues in Psychotherapy

The latest Psychotherapy (APA Div 29 journal, March 2011) is an interesting special issue on evidence-based psychotherapy relationships. Separate articles address various dimensions of psychotherapy including  alliance, empathy, positive regard, congruence, conter-tertransference, etc. Each article follows a fixed reporting format for the evidence base for the category, including “therapist variables” and “patient factors.” Gender as […]

Psychology-a female-dominated profession?

Is psychology turning into a female-dominated profession? A recent article in the New York Times  addresses trends in the gender makeup of professional psychology. In the Health section of the May 22, 2011, edition the article “Need Therapy? A Good Man is Hard to Find,” raises the issue that males have “vanished” from psychology, that their numbers are […]

United States v. Olhovsky, 562 F.3d530 (3rd Cir. 2009): Treating clinicians vs. expert witnesses

Interesting court decision reviewed in the latest Journal of the American Academyc of Pyschiatry and the Law (39, 1, 2011, pp. 119-120). The 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that not subpoenaing the treating psychologist at sentencing was reversible error. The treating psychologist is a fact, not expert witness. “The case illustrates the weight that […]

Legal Capacity Assessments in the Elderly

Here is a presentation I am giving to geriatric psychiatry residents at UH Medical School this Friday. The presentation focuses on the basic procedures and concepts in conducting legal capacity assessments in the elderly. Legal Capacity Assessments in the Elderly Marvin W. Acklin, PhD, ABPP Department of Psychiatry JABSOM Honolulu, Hawaii February 25, 2010  It is […]

Who gets PTSD and Why?

You may have heard about the new “positive psychology” approach to dealing with the psychological injuries endured by combat vets. The latest American Psychologist has a full edition devoted to “Comprehensive Soldier Fitness” (2011, 66, 1, 1-86).  I eagerly went to it, with an interest in their view of who gets PTSD and why? Results? Not […]

Psychology and the Human Condition II

If I had to rely on psychology for what I know about people, it would be pitifully thin. Sources that I have found useful in my understanding of the human condition, including freedom, guilt, and responsibility: Homer,  Sophocles, Aeschylus, Ovid, Augustine, Old and New Testaments (especially the Gospels), St. Paul (esp., the Letter to the […]