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APA Guidelines for the Practice of Telepsychology

Abstract: “These guidelines are designed to address the developing area of psychological service provision commonly known as telepsychology. Telepsychology is defined, for the purpose of these guidelines, as the provision of psychological services using telecommunication technologies as expounded in the “Definition of Telepsychology.” The expanding role of technology in the provision of psychological services and […]

Proper and Improper Uses of Therapists in Child Custody and Access Disputes

The Family Court and attorneys regularly assign community therapists to provide information concerning a child’s visitation. Apparently judges and attorneys think that is what therapists are there for. These assignments usually involve reimbursement by a third party payor (i.e., health insurance). This practice blurs the lines between clinical and forensic roles, often involves therapists who […]

Custody Disputes and Distorted Parent-Child Relationships

It is a commonplace in family relationships in custody disputes that parent-child relationships are distorted and often unhealthy. These distortions arise from several sources, including parental insecurity (hence, the common sleeping together), distortions arising from the evaluation process itself, and what I call “competitive parental attention.” It may be covert or overt. It is observed in both parents.  […]

Achilles in Vietnam

The issue of combat PTSD is much in the news these days. The greatest illusion that seems to be put forth is that we can “treat” PTSD as if exposure to war was something you can get over, if only we had “better treatment.” It ends up being a sort of minimization of the costs of […]